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“Loop – Enabling Stochastic 3D Geological Modelling”

The Loop project aims at developing the next generation integrative, interoperable platform for 3D geological modelling.  In this workshop, we present:

  • map2loop:  a library to deconstruct geology maps in order to produce augmented data for input into Loop’s modelling engine.
  • dh2loop:   a library for the automated processing and classification of geological logs
  • LoopStructural:  Loop’s modelling engine, based on the time-aware application of geological events
  • Tomofast-x:  a new geophysical modelling engine providing geophysical constraints to Loop geomodels.
  • Uncertainty modelling and mitigation

We will run a mixture of theoretical presentations and hands-on practicals using a mixture of jupyter notebooks and the NEW Loop Interface.


  • Laurent Ailleres, Lachlan Grose, Roy Thomson, Yohan de Rose – Monash University
  • Ranee Joshi, Mark Jessell, Jeremie Giraud, Mark Lindsay, Guillaume Pirot, University of Western Australia

“Introduction to Data Analytics and Machine Learning for Geologists”

A practical introductory course aimed at geologists in mineral exploration and mining. The participants will be given an overview of modern data analytics methods, including machine learning, illustrated by several case studies. There will be exercises for the participant to practice with new methods as they learn. These tutorials will utilise a diverse range of software, including free data analytics software (KNIME), a Python package for geochemical data analysis (pyrolite) and CSIRO-developed multiscale wavelet analysis for drill hole data (Data Mosaic).


  • Dr June Hill, CSIRO Mineral Resources
  • Dr Matthew Cracknell, University of Tasmania
  • Dr David Cole, CSIRO Data61
  • Dr Jessica Stromberg, CSIRO Mineral Resources
  • Dr Morgan Williams, CSIRO Mineral Resources

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