We are excited to be sharing this journey with you as we take the Australian Earth Sciences Convention online for the very first time. COVID-19 has thrown many challenges at us all and has taught us to be adaptable and learn new ways of doing things in a very short space of time! The virtual event platform is something we are very proud to be delivering and we hope to be able to answer all of your questions, however, we know that we may not have thought of everything, so please bear with us as we navigate our way through this journey together. We will continue to share information via email and update the following Q&A as information is finalised.

The Convention Organising Committee thank you in advance for reading this page carefully and contacting us with any further questions.

If you are thinking of presenting at, attending or sponsoring the convention, please view the videos below.




Poster Template

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Online or ‘virtual’ events make it easier for you to meet, communicate, learn, and connect; even when you’re unable to come together physically. You are able to join in with others from right around the world – its likely that you’ll engage with a whole new global audience of industry colleagues.

Online conferences give you the chance to participate in professional development and education ‘remotely’, share research and knowledge, gain value from your membership, and engage with industry providers in a new, innovative and convenient environment.

As an added bonus – there are no travel and accommodation expenses when meeting remotely, meaning the carbon footprint is reduced!

You will be given a unique log-in to access the convention online, so you can enjoy presentations and networking from the comfort of your office or home.

The virtual event will have some similar aspects to previous AESC conventions. The meeting will feature live Plenary presentations, keynote presentations, concurrent sessions, rapid fire sessions and posters. During the event there will be live moderated Q&As for each session.

The sessions that are live will be where you need to be sitting and viewing at the time it’s being presented. Other content will be pre-recorded and able to be viewed ‘on-demand’ – this enables you to view the presentations at your leisure.

Time will be allocated for networking online with other delegates and to explore the exhibition and engage directly with industry suppliers.

No, there will be a fee to gain access to participate in the online convention, but the virtual meeting will be offered at a significantly reduced fee.

Although many of the costs of a face to face meeting are no longer applicable, new costs are being incurred for the resources required to run a streamlined and professional online event.

Yes, you can!  When you enter a sponsor or exhibitor meeting, you will be asked if you wish to enable/turn off the recording function. If both parties give consent for the meeting to be recorded you will be permitted to ‘enable recording’ and can also download your conversation afterwards.


Registrants will have access to the online platform which will enable you to

  • Access to all online presentations (live, pre-recorded and on-demand content)
  • Access to ePoster presentations
  • Access to the online exhibition hall
  • Ability to connect one-on-one with exhibitors
  • Access to the online meeting hub
  • Workshops
  • Access to recorded sessions pre + post event

If you had already registered for the Event, you should have been contacted by Conference Design to confirm if you wish to attend the Online Event and receive a partial refund or if you wish to cancel your registration and receive a full refund. Please contact Conference Design (mail@conferencedesign.com.au) if you did not receive this email or have any questions regarding your registration.

No. All payments need to be received to Conference Design before the online portal link will be sent to you. Full payment of your registration fee is due within 14 days of submitting your registration for the event.

A registration link will be sent to you by email on 1 February 2021. Please check your junk folder if you do not receive the access email.

If you do not receive the email, please contact mail@conferencedesign.com.au to have it re-sent to you.


The initial information can be found on the Abstract page. Presenters will be sent additional information in the lead up to the event, as the specific presentations will be determined by the presentation type, and several other factors.  Please contact mail@conferencedesign.com.au with any presentation questions.

If you have submitted an abstract and wish to withdraw your submission, please contact mail@conferencedesign.com.au.

Presenter tips and tricks coming soon!


The Event will be held from Tuesday 9 February to Friday 12 February 2021.

The time zone will be in Australian Eastern Daylight Time. To check your timezone please click here.

The online program will be a mix of pre-recorded and live presentations. All oral presentations, including rapid fire presentations and keynote speakers, will be pre-recorded and available for viewing from 1 February 2021, with presenters participating in live Q&A sessions during the days of the convention. Plenary speakers will present live with live Q&A also available at the conclusion of their presentation.

Yes, the Poster gallery will be available during the meeting. You will be able to connect with the presenters via the Meeting Hub at any time during the event.

During each session, there will be a live Question & Answer (Q&A) function where you are able to ask presenters questions by typing in the text field.

For each stream, there will be a Q&A session for all presenters.

Questions asked throughout the session will be chosen by the chair to be asked however, only the session chair and presenters will be able to speak or be seen.

Following the sessions, you will have the option to contact the presenter/s through the ‘Meeting Hub’ – which is like an online meeting room – with further questions.

Networking functions with fellow delegates and industry will be held throughout the convention. During these sessions you will be able to use the online platform to engage with other attendees in real time. Depending on your time zone (and the final program) you may choose to relax in your own space and enjoy a coffee, tea or perhaps a wine whilst you chat.


You will not need to download specific software to participate in the event. If you register to attend the convention, you will be provided with a web-link and login details on the 1 February 2021 to access our online conference system called OnAIR.


  • Works most effectively when using the Google Chrome internet browser.
  • Integrates with Zoom which is fully embedded in a personal and secured environment.
  • Provides full online support before and during the event for attendees, speakers, session chairs and exhibitors.

At online or ‘virtual’ exhibitions, delegates can engage one-on-one with exhibitors. Exhibitor information, downloadable brochures, exhibition opening times, engagement in ‘instant meetings’ with exhibitors are just some of the features available to all delegates via the online platform.

Through the ‘contact exchange’ feature, exhibitors have access to a ‘Lead Generator’ which allows exhibitors to capture specific information from delegates (who have given consent), for follow-up communication post-event.

The Meeting Hub is a feature of the online system which allows you to engage in real-time discussions with other attendees and exchange contact details.

Users can communicate via direct message, live chat, video call, arrange set meetings, and export the contacts they have gathered, at any point throughout the event. When using Meeting Hub delegates search for attendees, request meetings, and once accepted, engage in video conversations.

Sponsor and exhibitor representatives are also permitted to access the meeting hub.

During each session, there is a Question & Answer (Q&A) function where you are able to ask presenters questions by typing in the text field.

At the end of each stream, there will be a Q&A session for all presenters.

Questions sent throughout the session will be moderated by the session chairperson. Only the session chair and presenters will be able to speak or be seen.

Following the sessions, you will have the option to contact the presenter/s through the ‘Meeting Hub’ – which is like and online meeting room – with further questions.

About the GSA

The Geological Society of Australia was established as a non-profit organisation in 1952 to promote, advance and support Earth sciences in Australia.

As a broadly based professional society that aims to represent all Earth Science disciplines, the GSA attracts a wide diversity of members working in a similarly broad range of industries.

Conference Managers

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