Thank you for chairing a session at the 2021 Australian Earth Sciences Convention.

Please ensure you check the AESC Program prior to your session for any changes. You will also find the presentation details in the AESC Online Portal.

Below are some tips to assist you with the chairing process. We will schedule a rehearsal with you but please review the instructions thoroughly and jump into the portal prior to the session to make sure you are comfortable with accessing and using the Portal. 



  • Each Rapid Fire Session will run for 1 hour.
  • You will welcome and introduce rapid fire presentations in groups with their presentation title and biography.
  • The session host will play the pre-recorded rapid fire talks all run together in that group.



  • At the conclusion of the second rapid fire session, winners for Best Early Career and Best Student Rapid Fire presentation will be announced and presented LIVE.
  • Judges will have access to the presentations prior to the day to select the winners.
  • Recipients will join you live on screen to accept the award if announced as the winner.

Prior to the convention

  • All abstracts are available on the convention website.
  • Please ensure you check who your presenters are and read the abstracts prior to the convention. Biographies of presenters are also available here but we will email you a copy.
  • We will email you an outline of the schedule for your session.
  • Please read through the portal instructions prior to the convention to familiarise yourself with accessing your session. There will also be a scheduled rehearsal time with the conference organisers prior to the convention to run through how the session will run. To familiarise and make yourself comfortable with chairing the session we strongly recommend you attend a rehearsal. We will send you portal access login details prior to the rehearsal.

Before the Session

  • Please login to the Portal 30 minutes prior to the start of the session. Your session host will launch the session at this time to allow you to join the session and test that your microphone and camera are working.

During the Session

  • Your session host (a member of the conference organising team) will begin the session right on the scheduled time. There is a countdown clock built in to the portal to assist you with keeping to time.
  • Please advise at the beginning of the session that there is no Q&A but attendees can connect with presenters in the meeting hub or the Discussion Forum if the presenter is attending the session.
  • Check your session schedule for your presenters. We suggest introducing with the title, presenter and bio.
  • Once you have finished the introduction, your session host will then play the pre-recorded rapid fire presentations and you will not be visible or heard until the presentations are finished. You can of course still engage with delegates in the session via the discussion forum.
  • If you need to speak with your session host there will be a “Presenter Chat” that you can use to type any questions you may have throughout the talk.

Running the Awards at the end of Session 2

  • At the conclusion of the presentations in the second session, your session host will “push” you on screen to announce the Best Early Career and Best Student Awards.
  • Recipients will be asked to attend this session and if announced as a winner, “raise their hand” and the session host will bring them on screen with the chair to receive the award.
  • When announcing the award winner, you will need to inform them that if they are announced as the winner, to click the “Raise Hand” button which is located to the bottom right of the live video screen.
  • This process will be repeated for the second prize.

Closing the Session

There is a clock counting down the time left in the session within the portal, in the top right of your screen. It is important to keep an eye on this throughout the Q&A session, so that when the time is winding down you allow enough time to thank your presenters, and remind delegates they can connect with the presenters in the meeting hub if they wish, as well as advise them to return to the timeline for the next session.

It is important you keep to the hour dedicated to your session, so that it does not overlap with the next programmed session. Please check this carefully in the convention program.

About the GSA

The Geological Society of Australia was established as a non-profit organisation in 1952 to promote, advance and support Earth sciences in Australia.

As a broadly based professional society that aims to represent all Earth Science disciplines, the GSA attracts a wide diversity of members working in a similarly broad range of industries.

Conference Managers

Please contact the team at Conference Design with any questions regarding the conference.
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