Detrital zircon facies of the Amadeus Basin, central Australia

Verdel, Charles1

1Northern Territory Geological Survey, Alice Springs, Australia

The Amadeus Basin of central Australia has one of the most well-characterised detrital zircon records in the world. Detrital zircon samples span not only the full stratigraphic range of the basin, but are also distributed across its areal extent. These data therefore capture both stratigraphic variability in zircon age populations that may arise from, for example, orogenic uplift and erosion, as well as lateral variability related to proximity to basement exposures of different age (in the case of the Amadeus Basin, the adjacent Musgrave Province to the south, and the Aileron and Warumpi provinces to the north). New detrital zircon results from the Northern Territory Geological Survey have been combined with previous data to generate detrital zircon facies maps of the Amadeus Basin that illustrate both stratigraphic and spatial variability in detrital zircon age distributions. Comparison with data compilations from other basins highlight some of the key features of the Australian detrital zircon record.


Charlie Verdel is a project geologist with the Northern Territory Geological Survey in Alice Springs.

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