The Earth magnetic field is a dating tool

Dr Agathe Lise-pronovost

The Earth magnetic field mostly behaves like a giant bar magnet; however, we know from 400 years of compass and satellite measurements that outstanding changes occur at the human timescale. The history of these changes back in time can be recovered from rocks and sediments at the Earth surface and used as a dating tool for archaeology and paleosciences.

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Equilibrium Shapes and Geology of Transneptunian Objects and Centaurs

Branco, Hely1

1former MSc. Student, Utfpr

The equilibrium shapes of transneptunian objects, centaurs and other icy small bodies of the Solar System are directly related to their physical characteristics, such as spin velocity and global composition. Through the correlation of the aforementioned properties, it is possible to make inferences regarding their internal structures and geology through the use of analogs such as Pluto and Charon, deepening our understanding of these objects. Some of these inferences are presented in this work.

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When the dust settles

Isley, Dr Cynthia Faye1

1Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Macquarie University

Driving, mining, bushfires – they all make the dust fly. We can’t see the tiny particles, but given enough of them, dust turns the sky brown and makes surfaces in our homes look dirty. It permeates our existence: we breathe it, eat it, touch it. It can affect our health.
Dust has a story to tell. Outdoors, it reflects city life, local industry and transport. Indoors, it can tell me how old your house is, where and with whom you live. Dust from bushfires unlocks pollution secrets from decades ago.
Come and hear the hidden secrets of dust.

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