Invitation to Submit Abstracts

The 2021 Australian Earth Sciences Convention Organising Committee invite you to submit an abstract for possible inclusion in the 2021 Virtual Convention being held from the 9th – 12th February.

The convention theme is Core to Cosmos. We invite submissions in the overall themes listed below:

  • Theme 1: Energy and resources
  • Theme 2: Earth structure
  • Theme 3: Core to crust
  • Theme 4: Crust, surface and cosmos
  • Theme 5: Geoscience in society, education and environment
  • Theme 6: Earth observations and models
  • Theme 7: Symposia

Each theme has multiple sessions associated with it. To view these sessions and descriptions please click on the link below.



There is no fee to submit an abstract, but if your abstract is accepted for inclusion in the program you will be required to register and pay the appropriate registration fee.

Submitting your abstract

Submissions must include a maximum 500-word abstract. The abstracts will be reviewed by the convention committee for applicability to the overall conference theme ‘Core to Cosmos’ and the above mentioned themes/sessions/symposia.

Abstract submissions are due by 9 October 2020.
Rapid fire submissions are due by 30 October 2020.

When submitting your abstract you will be asked to select your preferred presentation format. You will have the choice of an Oral Presentation or Poster. If you do not mind whether your submission is an oral or poster please select Either Option.

When submitting for an Oral or Poster, please download and use the template.

If submitting for the Rapid Fire session, please make sure to do so in the Rapid Fire Submission Portal.

During the process you will be asked to indicate the theme, session or symposium in which your abstract should appear. You will also have the choice not to allocate to a specific session if you are unsure or don’t have a preference.

Presentation Formats

Oral Presentation

Oral presentations will be a 10 minute pre-recorded presentation plus a one minute summary and will be available to delegates to view at their leisure from 2 weeks’ prior to the convention. During the virtual convention you will participate in a live Q & A session.


Summary Slide Template

Poster Session

Posters at AESC will be interactive and facilitate the use of hyperlinks, video and audio.

Please see the example poster and template below.

Poster Template

Poster Example

Rapid Fire Session

3 slides with a 3 minute pre-recorded presentation. Submissions to this session are for Early Career Earth Scientists. Further information can be found here.

Important Information

  • Only 1 Oral Presentation can be presented at AESC 2021
  • More than one Poster Presentation can be presented
  • Abstract(s) must NOT exceed 500 words and follow the template
  • All presenting authors must be registered to attend the convention to be included in the program

Abstract Details

For each abstract you submit you will be asked to enter the following information:

  • Abstract title
  • Preferred presentation format (i.e oral or poster)
  • Session
  • Name/s of author/s
  • Affiliation/s of author/s
  • Indicate the presenter
  • Max. 100 word biography for all presenter(s)
  • 500 word abstract

Abstract Submission Procedure

  1. Prepare your abstract
    Prepare your max. 500 word abstract text. This applies for all submissions
  2. Enter your contact details
    Go to the Presentation Portal (above) to enter your contact details.
  3. Enter Presenter and Author details
    Enter names and affiliations of the presenter and authors.  Also enter a brief biography of all the presenter(s), 100 words max. is sufficient.
  4. Enter your abstract details
    ‘Cut and Paste’ the abstract text (500 words) into the template and upload to the Presentation Portal.

Review Process

The Program Committee will review all submitted abstracts.

Abstracts may be accepted in a different presentation type to that requested.  Authors in these cases will be advised and asked to confirm whether they wish to present in that format.

Presenter Registration

All presenters will be required to register for the convention and pay the appropriate registration fee.

Audiovisual Equipment

To present at the 2021 Virtual Convention, you will be required to have access to a recording camera and a microphone (tablet, phone, laptop etc.). Your presentation will be pre-recorded, and the Q & A session you will participate in will be live.
The GSA will not be responsible for any costs associated with the production of your presentation or any audio-visual equipment you may be required to purchase to present.

About the GSA

The Geological Society of Australia was established as a non-profit organisation in 1952 to promote, advance and support Earth sciences in Australia.

As a broadly based professional society that aims to represent all Earth Science disciplines, the GSA attracts a wide diversity of members working in a similarly broad range of industries.