The Geological Society of Australia would like to thank you for attending the inaugural fully-online Australian Earth Sciences Convention – ‘Core to Cosmos’ – in February 2021.

The online format of the convention allowed us to provide you with EARLY ACCESS to the portal so you could explore the online layout and watch the vast array of pre-recorded presentations at your leisure and in the comfort of your own home or office. The portal will remain open with session recordings and presentations (where consent has been given) available to view until the 14th March 2021.

The organising committee worked tirelessly to produce an engaging and memorable program which showcased current trends and advances in earth science, including the latest findings on the deep structure and composition of our planet, our diverse crust and surface environments, developments in the energy and resources sectors and critically, the essential role that geoscience plays in our sustainable future. We were amidst challenging yet exciting times and the move to an online format presented us with the opportunity to engage with a new global audience and expand the overall reach of the convention.

The AESC 2021 is eligible for CPD

Attendance at technical geoscientific conferences and learned and professional society technical meetings accrues CPD points.

Members maintain their expertise through ‘Continuing Professional Development (CPD)’, by attending workshops and symposia, participating in courses in developing expertise to keep up with contemporary developments, reading scientific journals, or in organising and contributing to these events.

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The convention included:

  • LIVE-STREAMED plenary session speakers
  • Pre-recorded Presentations – exclusive to you as a delegate, to watch at your leisure prior to the convention official start date (9 Feb 2021) and available after the conference
  • LIVE Q&A sessions with speakers
  • Posters Presentations
  • Virtual field trips
  • Networking with fellow delegates and direct engagement with industry partners in the online environment

Pre-recorded presentations were available to watch in advance and were also available during the convention (9-12 February), to maximise your experience we suggested watching the presentations during the early access period, which was one week prior to the convention. This allowed delegates to engage with and ask questions during the LIVE Q&A forums that were held during the convention, when presenters were LIVE on screen to answer questions during scheduled times in the program.

Delegates could also connect with presenters, sponsors and exhibitors in the Meeting Hub which is an area of the convention online screen where you can create one-on-one meetings, outside of programmed session and exhibition times.

Please get in touch with our committee members or conference managers if you have any questions.

Who Should Attend

All Earth Science professions, including:

  • geoscientists
  • geophysicists
  • geochemists
  • hydrogeologists
  • marine geoscientists
  • palaeontologists and planetary geoscientists
  • geotechnical and engineering geologists
  • environmental geoscientists, and associated professions
  • paleo climate researchers
  • geomorphologists
  • geomathematicians

If you are looking to increase your technical expertise or for professional development this conference is for you. Attendees come from a range of sectors including the minerals and petroleum industries, government departments, research and education institutions and consultancy groups.

Thank you to our Sponsors






Convention Organising Committee

CHAIRS:  Sebastien Meffre & Andrew McNeill
POSTER DIRECTORS:  Claire Kain & Jacqui Halpin
DIVERSITY:  Indrani Mukherjee
FIELD TRIPS:  Mike Vicary & Grace Cumming
SPONSORSHIP DIRECTORS: Matt Ferguson & Andrew McNeill
SOCIAL MEDIA / OUTREACH / PROMOTION:  Indrani Mukherjee, Matt Ferguson & Sue Fletcher
TREASURER:  Peter McGoldrick & Sue Fletcher

About the GSA

The Geological Society of Australia was established as a non-profit organisation in 1952 to promote, advance and support Earth sciences in Australia.

As a broadly based professional society that aims to represent all Earth Science disciplines, the GSA attracts a wide diversity of members working in a similarly broad range of industries.